3 Basic Things Every Good SEO Campaign Will Include

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As the world continues to get more and more digital, so to does the way in which business is typically done. The days of newspaper advertisements, billboards, and even televised commercials seem to be going the way of the dinosaur while a new burgeoning field has developed to take the place: Search engine optimization, or SEO firms.

An SEO company devotes its time and efforts into getting businesses to improve their online or digital footprint, increase traffic to their website, and ultimately rank highly on Google. Why is search so important?

According to a study by Outbrain, search is the number one driver of traffic to content sites. It even beat out social media by more than 300%. On top of that, about 75% of users say they never go past the first page of results.

There are many different facets that go into successful SEO services, but here are three of the primary factors.

  1. Optimization of Website: All web designers are aware of the importance quality web development can have and more and more businesses are waking up to the fact. There’s two main reasons for this. The first is the user experience. Almost half (46%) of all internet users say that a website’s design is the most important factor when they’re trying to determine the site’s credibility.
  2. Social and Ads: Social media has exploded over recent years and one of the biggest influences it has had is in the realm of business. Successful businesses know how to cultivate a following and supply them with consistent, relevant, and useful information/news that will get them to visit their site and make purchases.

    Advertising online is done through ways like pay-per-click (PPC). You need to be experienced with SEO do this this efficiently though, otherwise you might end up spending a lot of money on little to no real results.
  3. Quality Content: Content is king. Arguably the most important element of SEO is content. From ranking on keywords, providing relavent and quality information in your field, and giving people a reason to visit your site make having good content crucial to any SEO campaign. Everything else is just the dressing, the meat and potatoes of SEO is the stuff you put out.

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