3 Ways Technology Is Changing Human Resources

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There?s no doubt that technology is changing the way we do business. From communication, to marketing, to sales, it?s all being supercharged by the Internet and highly intuitive software. Even the way we staff our businesses and take care of our employees has changed. Human resources is a department with a lot of different responsibilities, and new technology is streamlining the processes to make the whole system work smoother and faster.

3 HR Responsibilities Made Easier With Technology

  1. Talent Acquisition

    In the past, employers sought applicants by posting a job listing in the local newspaper. This limited the scope of the search and involved shuffling through heaps of paper applications. Today, HR recruiters have it much easier. The process is a lot faster and a lot simpler for both the human resources department and the applicants. Applications can be completed online and sent in electronically, and most of the screening process is done by automation.
  2. Employee Benefits

    Employee benefits packages can be complex. But now, using online portals to provide a resource library, human resources consultants can keep employees educated, enrolled, and informed. Instead of spending hours upon hours of time answering questions, HR professionals can direct employees towards the online resources. Additionally, timekeeping and payroll are all accounted for electronically, thus increasing transparency within a company, which employees always appreciate.
  3. Training

    New hires are now able to participate in digital training programs, eliminating the need for managers and HR representatives to take time away from their other work to show newcomers the ropes. This also enables companies to hire a number of new employees at one time since training is more efficient.

As the world of information technology evolves, so too do business practices. All departments are becoming more efficient, but human resources, with its many hats, has become particularly streamlined with the big tech boost we?ve experienced over the past couple decades.

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