5 Creative Ways to Pack a Marketing Punch

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Marketing your business is imperative for its success. Being inventive in your marketing strategies will not only aid in the development of your business’s brand, but it will bring plenty of clients to your front door. Consider some of the ideas below to add a creative spin to your marketing.


    No matter the age, receiving mail is always enjoyable. As a time tested approach, in 2014 United State companies spent an estimated $44.5 billion on direct mail marketing. Utilizing printing companies to mass produce marketing material is an excellent way of getting your word out, as 62% of Americans enjoy checking their mailbox daily.

    Once mail is brought into the home, 80% of the time it is immediately sorted. Receiving a company’s print add in the mail is the preferred method for 73% of American consumers as they can read the information at their convenience. If you choose to go this route, most digital printing companies offer a 24 hour printing service or rush printing in order to meet your needs and get your ads into the mailboxes of America.

Business Cards

    Take time to create an unique business card! Business cards are great for word of mouth communication and they give you the opportunity to advertise on the fly! With 27,397,260 business cards printed daily, be sure to have yours stand out so customers will remember you!


    Give prospective customers 12 months to memorize your name! Typically, consumers keep their promotional calendars for the entire year, so what better way to jog their memory is there than a constant reminder every time they check the date?

Go outside

    Looking for a way to cut costs? Outdoor advertising is the way to go. Outdoor signs and billboards cost 80% less than television advertising, 60% less than newspaper articles, and 50% less than advertisements over the radio. Plus, so many people will be seeing your name in print and will wonder what you are all about!

Be generous

    Customers love gifts! Whatever media you choose, you will be sure to stand out. Some great ideas include coffee cups, magnets, stress balls, pens, clothing, key chains, bottle openers, and clocks. The ideas are endless and are proven to work considering 84% of Americans retain a company’s name when they receive promotional gifts with a company’s logo on it.

So go ahead, be creative! No matter your printing needs, there is a printing company out there waiting to help.

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