About HIPAA Compliant Communications Programs

Mobile medical apps

Interestingly, one of the intentions of HIPAA was to make health care and medical information standard across multiple channels and providers. On that note, interestingly enough, specialized apps for mobile devices have been created, which encrypt data on your phone, communicate it to a recipient and then decrypt it, which ensures patient privacy and HIPAA compliance.

Things like mobile health applications and secure messaging services help to ensure health care professionals keep their patients’ data safe and actually helps them send information more quickly and more easily. There are actually 551 certified medical information software companies in the U.S., and together they sell 1,137 software programs.

HIPAA texting services help health care professionals send information to one another and other health care providers without worrying about being secure or breaking doctor-patient confidentiality agreements. Plus, it makes the jobs of health care professionals much easier as well.

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