Are Universal Remotes Really Better?

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There are fewer things more irksome than losing your TV remote controls. All you want to do is catch the game or the newest episode of your favorite reality show, and instead you wind up missing it as you furiously search high and low for the television remote controls. Then, when you can’t find them, you’ve got to go to the store and get replacement remote controls for TV.

These TV remote replacements, which are usually referred to as “universal remotes,” are marketed as being superior, better quality alternatives than your original TV remote controls. Unfortunately, they’re far from what they promise. Here are a few reasons not to buy universal TV remote controls.

1. They’re a Hassle to Program.

Since universal remotes are designed to basically work with any kind of TV out there, they don’t come preprogrammed. Some people might not think it’s too difficult of a task, but programming a control is much more difficult than hitting a button and waiting for it to sync with the device, the way that many video game controls work. It takes a lot of time, concentration, and effort just to do the most basic of set ups.

2. They Have a Weak Signal.

For some reason, the major majority of universal TV remote controls have a weak signal. This means that when you go to change the channel or volume, the TV is likely unable to receive the command. Hitting the button harder probably won’t help, and you’ll most likely have to get up and move the remote closer to the TV. This completely defeats the purpose of the remote, which is to let you control the TV without having to move.

3. They’re Often Made With Shoddy Materials.

Like most other aftermarket products, the majority of universal remotes are made with inferior materials. This means that their functionality is worsened, and that they’ll likely break after a short while.

Rather than getting these universal TV remote controls replacements, it’s always better to go for the model from the original equipment manufacturer, I.E. the same remote as the one you’ve lost. Getting a cheap replacement for your TV remote controls will only diminish the quality of your viewing time. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.
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