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If you were to search the web for website advertising tips, nine pages out of 10 would list content, social media, and link-building as the most important things you can do to improve your marketing in 2014 — and rightly so. However, with eMarketer estimating that global eCommerce rates will eclipse $1.5 trillion by the end of 2014, you can’t afford to ignore any web promotions marketing methods, which is why you need to place more focus on website design this year.

Does Web Design Really Matter Anymore?
After hearing that “content is king” for the last year, it’s understandably difficult to think anything but content marketing could possibly be worth your public relations marketing efforts. After all, as Inbound Writer points out, 61% of web users say they’re more likely to buy from a company that consistently produces high quality, custom content. However, as statistics from KissMetrics show, four out of five web users place creative web design at the top of a relative importance scale, meaning if your website is poorly designed, it will be poorly received by web users.

Three Simple Website Design Ideas and Tips

  1. Use Grid-Style Formatting to Offer Improved Usability
  2. For HongKiat, one of the best website design ideas and tips for 2014 is reformatting your page to display in a grid-style layout. Facebook and many other popular websites all use grid-style layouts to offer their users a more usable page. The layout is clean and makes it easy to find and read content. A bit of a warning: you can’t simply switch to a new layout and expect everything to display properly. Make sure you take the necessary steps to make sure everything fits the new format, on mobile and on traditional platforms.

  3. Offer Mobile Users a Responsive Page
  4. According to statistics from eMarketer, there are now more than 1.75 billion smartphone users across the world. Mobile users, the fastest growing web demographic, are using their favorite devices to do everything from checking Facebook to watching Youtube videos. If you want your page to attract this huge crowd, you need to take steps to optimize your web page for viewing on mobile. As Web Design Ledger writes, the best way to do that is with responsive web design. Responsive web design means designing a single page that will adapt to every screen it’s viewed on, regardless of whether it’s the new iPhone or a laptop.

  5. Choose a Unique Font, but…
  6. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make or break a website’s design. For The Huffington Post, the font you use on your website is one of those little things. In general, you want your font to be easy to read, and you want to make sure it fits the tone of your content; You don’t see the New York Times using Comic Sans. That being said, if it’s readable — on mobile and traditional platforms — don’t be afraid to have fun with your font types.

Don’t wait to start improving your website with these website design ideas and tips. They may be the key to tapping into that $1.5 trillion eCommerce revenue stream. Research more here:

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