Both New Drugs and Food Products Are the Result of Intensive Testing and Research

Every day every one of use relies on scientific testing. From the food that we eat to the amount of medication that we need to take in the morning, there are levels of scientific studies that help Americans be their most healthy. In fact, drug discovery is a multi-billion dollar industry. Not surprising, chemists play an integral role in many points on the drug roadmap of discovery. As further evidence, the employment of medical lab technologists and technicians is expected to increase by as much as 13% by the year 2026.

When was the last time that you were prescribed a new medicine or you were tempted to try out a new kind of energy drink? Any time you are faced with one of these changes, you are relying on the scientific discoveries of many scientists, chemists, and researchers. With the use of benchtop spectrometers and other kinds of very specific research equipment we are able to get the food and the medicine that we need.

Product Research Allows Consumers the Benefit of the Latest Testing Processes

Benchtop spectrometers and the most advanced microscopes help all kinds of scientists watch and track observable nuclei in many kinds of products. The road to getting new drugs approved is both long and expensive. Part of the reason that this is such a difficult challenge is that there are hours and hours of research that has to occur before any new drug can be approved. Likewise, in the food industry, there are many governmental agencies that need to make certain that any new product that is put on the market is has been completely tested.

In addition to benchtop spectrometer, a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is one of the top analytical methods. In fact, NMR is one of the most useful in today’s modern chemistry. The combination of all of these scientific processes are able to help both drug and food companies not only test established products, but also provide the testing that is needed to develop new ones.

From the coffee that we drink to the medicine that we take, the morning routines that we have depend on the research of scientists to develop the products that we use.

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