Cavity Prevention Tips – Maine’s Finest

Find out about the best ways to prevent cavities.

The use of fluoride rinses is a great idea. The process takes just a few minutes to wash with fluoride before you go to sleep at night. Just pour the water into a cup and rub it into your mouth for a few seconds. This easy procedure can prevent you from getting tooth decay. Also, fluoride is added into tap water in certain regions to protect your teeth. So, tap water is actually better for your teeth in this case.

One simple rule of thumb: Always visit the dentist. The appointments you make will provide the assistance you need from professionals to stay on track with your dental goals. They’ll be able to answer all questions you might have regarding the prevention of cavities.

Finally, avoid products that are made up of fermentable sugars or carbohydrates. These include breads, crackers, cereal, and sweets. You may be surprised to learn that your mouth’s enzymes help breakdown carbohydrates into sugar. This is why carbohydrates leave their sweet flavor in your mouth if you leave them there long enough.


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