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dient that helped fasten the drying process and added the durability and resistance to moisture. It was a tool that helped speed up drying and improve the durability of home paints because of the severe risk to health. It is possible to check your home for lead paint, or get a professional make changes to the house. The video explains that the EPA is a regulatory body for the use of lead paint in houses built before 1978. Is it possible to test for lead paint on their home?
Conduct a chemical test

There are chemical tests available for purchase for example 3M’s LeadCheck Swabs to see whether the paint they have in the house contains lead paint. Easy-to-follow instructions are included within the box.

Take a Paint Sample to Lab Lab

Paint can also be scratched off of a wall for example, a window, and send the sample to an NLAAP-certified lab that will test the paint sample to determine the presence of lead.

Make use of an XRF gun

There is another option, which is the XRF gun, albeit it is not required to have a license from the EPA is necessary. In this case, individuals could also seek out an expert certified to handle it on their behalf.


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