Cyber Crime Now Targets Mobile Users

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The world of cyber crime knows no borders. Computer users have long become familiar with the warnings to update their virus protection programs to protect their devices from malicious attacks. What many people may not know is that cyber crime is now increasingly targeting mobile devices and online businesses. To keep your devices and information safe, computer repair experts can provide the IT support you need for your home or business computers.

With advances in technology, the ways people use computers are changing. The use of mobile devices, online shopping and banking, and social media is increasing. Personal and business information is stored online. Cyber crime follows these trends and now targets mobile devices, email and social media, and online information storage.

  • Mobile devices
    According to a survey conducted in 2013 by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, one third of Internet users reported that they did not use mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet for online financial transactions because they had concerns about the security of their data. Around 61%, on the other hand, do use online banking. Despite all the security protocols in place, they risk exposing their financial information.
    And there are plenty of malicious prying eyes online: in 2013, almost 145,000 new malicious programs for mobile devices were detected. This represents a threefold increase over the past year.
  • Social media and email
    Email and social media are widely used because of their convenience and versatility. These advances come with a price tag, however, and that is a loss of privacy. Emails can be easily intercepted and decoded by third parties, since they were not designed for security. And social media users fare no better. On Facebook alone, more than 600,000 accounts are hacked every day. And one out of ten, or 10% of all social media users have been the recipient of a cyber-threat.
  • Businesses
    When it comes to online security, businesses are as helpless as individuals. More than half or 53% of U.S companies have no confidence that they will be able to prevent security breaches in the coming year. Business practices also contribute to the lack of online security. As many as 47% of small businesses report that they don’t back up their data. And they have no defenses in place against data theft by employees. In fact, 59% of employees steal confidential data when they leave a job or are fired.
    With all these threats lined up against Internet and computer users, there is help for those seeking to improve their online security. Computer repair and security experts can provide help and IT management services to improve cybersecurity and prevent malicious attacks.

With criminals operating in 200 countries, cyber crime is a major threat and its worldwide costs are estimated to be around $100 billion each year. Computer services and computer repair companies now offer help for individuals and businesses concerned with cybersecurity. Through extranet risk analysis and sound network design, they can help you keep your devices and information safe.

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