Cybersecurity Companies Watching Out for You

Cyber crime: just the phrase gives everyone chills. Network security and data breaches are a major concern these days all around the world. Financial corporations, business enterprises, healthcare companies, the government and many more organizations are all on the lookout for data breaches in their network security and cyber security infrastructure.

And they should be on the alert: cyber crime is an enormously expensive crime, which by the year 2021 will reach $6 trillion per year in damages. And at this point, U.S. financial service institutions have been particularly hard hit: 42 percent have experienced a breach, and 12% have been breached multiple times (this information is from Thales).

What to do to get the most protection from this horrible threat? One of the most secure options for protection of network security is enlisting the services of cybersecurity companies.

Dealing with cases of data breaching requires specialized training by cybersecurity companies. Since these are mostly, but not exclusively, white collar offenses, these cases need a supervision of claims and the overseeing of a qualified administrator, managed service provider and vigilant network monitoring.

However, there are many unfilled jobs in the sector of cybersecurity companies. Over the past five years, job postings in cybersecurity companies have risen by 74%, an almost unprecedented expansion. At the same time, in the U.s. there are over 209,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs. This number is expected to rise, by 2019, to 1.5 million positions.

This is, to explain it in very basic terms, mainly a result of supply and demand. More people are using the net: just consider that approximately 15.4 billion internet-connected devices were in operation as recently as 2015.

That number is impressive enough; but consider this–by 2020 there will be 30.7 billion, and then by 2025 there will be 75.4 billion devices (according to IHS Markit). This explosion of internet-connected devices, used by individuals (many of whom have remote network access) would account for the rise in data breaches and the need for greater vigilance by cybersecurity companies.

While it is very difficult, if not impossible, to completely insure network security and prevent your information from being violated, there are constructive steps to take for protection. The number one step, clearly, is engaging the services of cybersecurity companies and professionals that specialize in providing network support and expertise for protecting your network’s endpoint security.

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