Designing Interior Walls Using Architectural Metal Mesh

The architectural metal mesh is one of the most common materials used by architectures and structural engineers to build various structures. Welded wire mesh or woven wire mesh are the two types of architectural metal mesh that are commonly used. Many people prefer to use these products because of their stability, versatility, and other optical properties. If you are interested in designing your interior walls, here are some other benefits that you will get from metal mesh façade.

High-Quality Appearance

Interiors of the house are all geared to be of high quality and clean. However, most of the materials used for interior decorations are not of high quality as compared to architectural metal mesh. As a commercial property owner, you would want your interiors to have a timeless elegance. The woven mesh will produce a high-quality appearance that will attract people interested in your property.

Cladding Technical Installations

Modern buildings have a lot of technical installations that are done to support various features. Some of the technical installations include electric wiring, internet cables, and security cables.

Sometimes these installations are damaged because they are not protected. The architectural metal mesh is one of the most important technical installations that can be used for cladding purposes. It appears opaque from the inside, which means that most of the technical installations are protected.

Ventilation Systems

One of the most important structural features in a commercial property is a ventilation system. The large number of people accessing the building must get sufficient fresh air. You also need to get rid of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the building. With metal fabrics, it will be easier to adjust the opening portion of the wire mesh to form a ventilation system. You don’t have to struggle trying to install a new ventilation system from scratch.


Most of the people are currently interested in customized structures that express their specific tastes and preferences. As a commercial property owner, you would want the same customization for your commercial property. With architectural metal mesh, you can easily customize your interiors. However, you have to make sure that you present the necessary details to the company for corresponding measurements.

Decoration Purposes

As highlighted earlier, interiors are installed for decoration purposes. You want your commercial property to attract tenants not only because it is attractive from the outside or strategically positioned but also due to the high levels of interior decoration. The decorative mesh is available for people who want to have beautiful interiors. Customization is also a strategic method of enhancing the beauty of decorative mesh fabric in house interiors.

Fire Resistance

Fire safety is a major issue that affects many commercial property owners. There is the view that most of the materials used for interior decoration and interior improvement cause fires. The argument has proven to be true with a considerable number of interiors catching fires. However, architectural wire mesh is non-flammable. Woven mesh fabrics meet the highest demand for fire safety.


Every person who decorates his property wants the installations to be long-lasting. As a commercial property owner, you don’t want to use funds within a short period to install new interiors. Stainless steel mesh has proven to have a lifespan of more than 30 years. The fact that it is steel means that it is not prone to rusts and corrosions.

There are many materials out there that can be used for house interiors. Most of them might appeal due to their cost and other colorful aspects. However, architectural metal mesh is one of the most important interior installation materials. It exhibits the beauty needed for interiors while at the same time lasting for an extended period.

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