Do You Have a Student Who Is Looking for an Post Graduation Option Other Than a Four Year College?

The elephant in the room.

Every time that you sit through another discussion at a high school meeting about college preparedness you wonder why we are we still preparing all students for college? With the latest high tuition costs and loan debt, it is not in everyone’s best interest to pursue a four year degree. The fact that graduates from two year technical schools no are earning salaries comparable to four year college graduates it should be clear that there are a number of options. For the many who are choosing an entrepreneurial route, education is disconnected from some of those students, and the nation’s obsession with testing is not fixing this problem.

When parents and educators rethink schooling and realize that it can be modified through project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, and experiential learning, these approaches alongside the curriculum can provide the greatest success. Most adults will need further schooling, even if they go into trades or the military, and core subjects are still important for their future. It is essential, however, that students understand all of the options that are available to them. Even those outside of the traditional four year college degree.

Workers Trained in Architectural Metal Mesh Work and Solar Mesh Are in High Demand in Many Industries

When high school students take a field trip to a carpentry apprenticeship school and a welding school they are often able to see all of the ways that their skills can help them earn money shortly after graduation. When communities offer these training schools tuition free spots for qualified students they can fill in the gaps of the work force. High schools, of course, likely need more money to take students on trips like these so they can see the opportunities that are available to them.

From training in working with stainless steel metal fabric to the details of working with architectural metal mesh, there are many very specific skills that allow students to become very marketable throughout a number of industries. Welded wire mesh and woven wire mesh are the two common types of mesh and serve as the basics for understanding many kinds of fields from welding to construction. When you realize that the stainless steel used in metal fabrics contains greater than 60% post-industrial and post-consumer content recycled material, then you also realize that these are industries that impact many parts of our lives.

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