Don’t Do Your Digital Marketing on the Cheap Hire a Consultant

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Digital marketing has changed the world for businesses, non-profits and many other organizations. No longer do companies have to hire expensive public relations firms. The web and social media networks have made it easy and low cost. However, you still need professional advice on how to do your digital marketing, and if you don’t have someone on staff with the experience and expertise necessary, you might want to consider hiring a digital marketing consultant.

Not only can a digital marketing consultant help you with your digital marketing services and ensuring you reach your customers with an enticing message, but they also can help with technical details, such as mobile web design. Many companies that design their own websites do not take the time to ensure the site is optimized for mobile, which can be a huge mistake. These days, more people than ever are using their smartphones as their main source of Internet access, so it is important to have a specific mobile site. Research has shown that more than 60% of companies that take the time to create a mobile site see increased sales. On the flip side, those that don’t bother with a mobile site are likely to give their customers grief. Nearly half of all mobile users report trouble navigating and interacting with a mobile site.

Social media is another area in which a digital marketing consultant can pay dividends. Anyone can set up a Facebook page for their business or run a Twitter feed, but a consultant can help you form strategies that will make your social media work better for you. A consultant may also be able to advise you on what other social media channels you should be using to reach your audience. If your customer base skews younger, you may be better off using Instagram, YouTube and other channels.

The Internet and smartphones have presented business owners with a huge opportunity to drive sales and interact with their customers. It’s estimated that 40% of people worldwide have bought something online using a computer, tablet or phone, and that percentage is likely only to grow. Having the right strategy and using the right tools to tap into this market can help boost your business.

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