Five Beginner’s SEO Tips

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To those that have just launched a new online business or website, congratulations and condolences are now in order. Enjoy your brand new venture, but beware. The internet it a fiercely competitive market and if you do not have a massive marketing budget, you need to educate yourself on the basics fast. To that end, here one topic of immeasurable importance will be covered: search engine optimization. I am sure most readers have at leats a general understanding of this field, so you know it refers the placement of a site in organic search engine results, seeking to raise that rank through a number of techniques. As a very basic introduction to seo ideas and techniques, here are five tips to help you start your own seo program.

  1. FocusYour website needs to be about one thing, and everything else should be in support of that. Any other side issues you want your site to be about, if they do not work with your main topic, leave it out.
  2. Linking to Other Sites: Yes, you should be doing this, but not just any site you happen to like. Other sites must have content that is relevant to the focus of your site. Do this on a resources page or a blogroll.
  3. Update Often: It is a fact that sites with content that is updated often place higher on search engines. Also, you will be far more able to hold a user?s attention if you update at least once a week.
  4. Get Other Sites to Link to You: Look around for bloggers in the same niche as your site and perhaps write a guest post for their site in exchange for a link to yours.
  5. Social Media: Make sure you stay active in social media, and this is for two reasons. First, it helps build your fanbase all on its own. Two, Google tracks that too.

Building an seo program without the advise of an expert can be daunting, but hopefully these great seo tips will help. Get some success under your belt and you can outsource seo to a white label seo reseller and stop thinking about it, so just be persistent about your seo program.

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