Four Benefits Of Portable Isolation Transformers

For employees in health care, engineering and various other industries, there’s always a need for a power source. The last thing you want is to lose power on the job, especially in a time of crisis or when you may be short-staffed.

For that reason, tools like a portable isolation transformer are essential when it comes to equipment separation from a power source. With a portable isolation transformer, workers can have the power and protection they need on the job. Not only are these transformers essential, but they have been benefits for workers who use them:

  • Surge reduction: There’s no question of how important hospitals are in the United States. In 2013 alone, it’s estimated that more than 35 million people were admitted to U.S. hospitals and that number has continued to grow since that time. There were more than 6,000 U.S. hospitals as of 2017, which means there’s a lot of equipment that requires power to function correctly. When surges or outages happen, it can be a devastating setback, especially in times of crisis. What’s worse is they can happen without warning, damaging essential equipment and leaving workers without the tool they need to treat patients or maybe even save lives.
    A portable isolation transformer can help reduce the risk of outages and surges. Equipment can run on a transformer since the power signals (usually DC) from a power source are isolated. This allows equipment to be used, even if the power goes out, ensuring health care workers can still do their very important jobs.
  • Less Noise: Not only is a portable isolation transformer very efficient, it can also reduce noise. Health care workers find them beneficial because they are usually designed to filter noise away from power lines. How is this possible? Shields block the surrounding electrical fields from disrupting the power flowing into various equipment. All that work means there’s less electromagnetic noise interfering with function of equipment.
  • Quality: Many types of portable isolation transformer deliver better power quality and reduce potential for current leakage to allow equipment to work at high levels.
  • Safety: One of the biggest advantages of using a portable isolation transformer is an improved safety factor. As thousands of health care workers know, there are some risks associated with using equipment powered by electricity and the transformer protects against surges and equipment damage as well as the threat of electrical shocks.

There are many types of transformer and temporary power restoration devices available including marine isolation transformers, medical isolation transformers, toroidal isolation transformers and portable transformers. Regardless of what’s being used, ultimately a transformer will keep you safe, protect against outages and surges, reduce electrical noise and allow equipment to keep functioning at optimum levels.

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