From Porosity Measurement to 3D Imaging, Here’s Why You Need Industrial CT Scanning


If there is one thing that every single industry on the planet has in common, it is the need for quality assurance. While we may like to think that all of our decisions and tools are perfect, there is always a flaw lurking within that could jeopardize your entire operation.

Engineers, quality managers, and other professionals using industrial equipment are strongly encouraged to seek CT scanning services. Industrial scanning allows you to find these potentially fatal flaws before they can have a negative impact on your company. Additionally, technology has advanced to the point where 3D imaging is now quite easy and effective, providing you with the full internal scope of your equipment.

Your industrial CT scanning may find that your equipment is perfect, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth your time to make sure. Here are just three of the ways that your company can take advantage of inspection equipment:

  • Industrial scanning. If you think you’re spending too much money on failure analysis testing, you need to start investing in industrial scanning services. The industrial CT scanning process allows customers to reduce their inspection and failure analysis costs between 25% to 75% when compared to existing technology.
  • Porosity measurement. After a part is scanned via CT, you may want to pursue a porosity measurement. In this process, a boundary is created around the inspected part to determine its internal porosity. This will allow you to determine the density of your tools to make sure you’re using the best equipment possible.
  • 3D imaging. In some cases, you may also benefit from 3D imaging through 3D laser scanning services. In 2016, X-rays can be taken as fast as 30 frames per second, and you may want to convert these images into a 3D replica to spot anything you may have missed. The best industrial scanning services will also offer 3D imaging to best suit your needs as an engineer.

CT scanning will only continue to advance as the years pass, so you would be wise to start taking advantage of it now. Invest in CT scanning and 3D imaging and watch your company grow with this incredible technology.

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