General Contracting Business Guide Dos and Dont’s – Business Success Tips

He Rules that regulate the Construction Industry

Another common contracting business tip is to ensure that your business that contracts with you is compliant with the rules and regulations which govern the business. Make sure you are aware of these regulations to avoid trouble in the future.

General Contractors offer Services

The information you provide must be clearly identified as to the products and services that you offer. This includes, but isn’t only limited to:

Painting Roofing Plumbing Flooring Masonry Risques that General Contractors Have to Face 1. Safety and Health Hazards

The world over globally, there is a consensus that the U.S. construction sector is 2nd in fatal accidents. International Labour Organization estimates that the industry is responsible for 60,000 deaths each year. It is clear that this industry is not safe to work in. If every employee were to follow all rules and do not make a mistake, personal injuries and deaths are likely to decrease. In order to make sure your company and yourself are safe, keep an attorney who handles workplace injuries, or slip and fall accident attorney available on the speed dial, as these are the most common incidents of workplace injuries.

2. Missing PaperWork

A business that is a general contractor requires many documents. If any of them went missing finding them would take an enormous amount of time as well as effort. It would also cost money which could have been allocated to other sectors. These vital documents include pay applications, preliminary notices and other documents. Contractors should be able to have a secure and efficient filing system. The best way to do this is to not make use of their vehicles’ dashboards to serve as filing cabinets.

3. Poor Project Management

In cases where a project supervisor or general contractor has a lack of the ability to communicate effectively, they are unable to effectively communicate instructions to sub-contractors like this


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