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How often does your business back up its data? How often does your business test that back-up? It’s been found that given businesses that regularly back up their data, 34% don’t check to make sure that the data is actually backed up. Furthermore, when these businesses do double-check their backups, 77% of these backups haven’t worked.

It is important to note that some users have never backed up their data. The results of a 2013 Harris interactive poll indicated that this was the case with 30% of the computer users surveyed.

More businesses are choosing to back up their data on the cloud. In 2007, for example, Google G Suite, which replaced Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education, had roughly ten percent of the cloud-office market. In 2007, this increased in 20%, and in 2012, it was between 33%-to-50%.

When surveyed, 73% of G Suite administrators stated that moving all data storage to the cloud is inevitable. Approximately 29% of these administrators have already completely transitioned their IT infrastructure to the cloud. In other words, 100% of their data is stored in the cloud.

When surveyed, 51% of G Suite administrators have reported that one of the primary benefits to moving to the cloud is the ability to access their data from anywhere. The convenience of being able to access this data on mobile devices as well as computers at other locations is obvious.

How many Google business applications are you currently using? How many are you planning to use in the future?

Within the next two years, a recent survey showed that two-thirds of small businesses predict that up to 25% of their business applications will be Google-based. Approximately 87% of large businesses, however, predict that they will be using up to 25% of these applications

During November 2015, Google had a number-one ranking in the United States. This was due to its multi-platform web properties being visited the most. During November alone, they received 247 million unique visitors in the United States. Furthermore, they are the leading search engine provider in the United States with a market share of 63.9%.

Currently, the public cloud is used for 9.7% of all computing workloads. In five years, it is expected that 30.2% of computing workloads will be run in the cloud. In terms of annual growth, this means that 44% of workloads will be conducted in the public cloud, while only 8.9% growth is expected for on-site computing.

On an annual basis, six percent of all computers will experience some amount of data loss. In order to protect this valuable data, using Google Apps backup services is a viable solution. Google Apps backup services can provide protection for these and other essential forms of data:

    Backup google apps calendar
    Cloud to cloud backup
    Google apps backup email
    Google apps contacts backup
    Google apps backup user data
    Google auto backup
    Google cloud recovery
    Google drive backup
    Google sites recovery

If you’re preparing to launch a new business, or have been in business for a while, it’s important to create and maintain effective business practices. An essential aspect of your business’ day-to-day operations is having reliable access to all of your data.

When using Google Apps backup services, your data will be protected and easy to access. Having a reliable data storage and retrieval system, such as Google Apps backup services can reduce business-oriented stress so that you can focus on further developing your business.

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