Holiday Deals Are Still Going Strong Are Your Cables Compatible With All Your New Electronic Devices?

Do you smell it in the air? Black Friday deals are closing in fast and there are plenty more holiday sales to get around to. If your electronics are starting to fall behind, now’s a great time to start catching up.

Which ones should you zero in on, though? Is it worth shelling out all you’ve got for a new television set or should you play it safe with a phone upgrade? What about those in your family that have been craving some new materials to work with? When you’re having a hard time deciding between all the different deals and bundles, new cables are a great middleground. These ensure all your existing electronics work brilliantly, from your phone to your Internet connection.

There’s no need to go overboard if you don’t want to. Cat 6 cables bulk and a new cell phone cable can still go a long way.

Cat 6 Cables Bulk Bring Everyone On The Same Page

Not sure if your Internet is failing because of a bad connection or lackluster equipment? Make sure everyone’s on the same page with CAT 6 cables bulk. The CAT cable line-up is designed to give you the smoothest Ethernet experience possible, able to go beyond 1,000 Mbps per second. This is perfect for those that love to stream high-definition games, watch shows, or do both at the same time. If you think CAT 6 cables bulk are a little too much, though…

Bulk CAT5e Cables Are Still A Solid Option For Most People

…there’s nothing wrong with bulk CAT5e cables. These are still pretty polished compared to the previous standard of the CAT5, with the ‘e’ standing for ‘enhanced’. It’s common to see this cable used by remote workers, Twitch streamers, and enthusiastic moviegoers. According to studies by the Pew Research Center, nearly 80% of Americans go online every single day. Another 45% say they go online ‘frequently’, often for work-related reasons.

Cell Phone Cable Accessories Are A Ripe Choice For The Whole Family

CAT 6 cables bulk this, CAT 5e cables bulk that…it’s a lot to keep up with. For now, you can keep things simple with cell phone accessories that deliver a better promise. Cell phone health is an interesting issue today, partially fueled by the myth that you don’t have to do anything to your phone to keep it running well. Today’s experts recommend you don’t wait until your phone is at a 0% charge before plugging it in. Instead, reach for your new cell phone charger when the battery hits 40% so your purchase can enjoy a longer lifespan.

Bulk USB Cables Can Keep All Devices Working Properly

You know about the newest Ethernet cables and the cell phone cables. What about the cables for all your other devices? USB 3.1 compliant devices are the cream of the crop today, able to transfer data at 10 Gbps. USB 2.0 compliant devices are still very common and have the ability to reach a transmission rate of 480 Mbps. Picking the right USB cord is easy — just double-check the specs on any given device and make sure they match up.

Guarding Your Investment With Strong Surge Protectors

You don’t want to lose all that hard work, do you? Supplement your CAT 6 cables bulk and newest USB cables with a power strip surge protector. These are able to give you the best of both worlds, offering several outlets and extra protective measures. According to a survey by Electrical Safety Foundation International, over 80% of professionals said a surge protector is essential. All it takes is one power outage to fry your equipment and cost you your data.

The holidays aren’t over yet! Grab the latest deals and make sure your electronics are ready to herald the new year.

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