Homes Without Security Cameras Are 300% More Likely To Be Broken Into ADT Security Systems

Your home is security. Your home is comfort. Your home is everything.

When your home is under threat? It can completely turn your world upside down. This simple knowledge is what pushes people to protect their house by any means necessary, from simply locking the door when taking out the trash to investing in homeowner’s insurance to account for a break-in. Take security a step further by investing in a commercial security system. These are designed to provide surveillance around the house and catch a robbery in the act, with additional benefits that can seriously pay off down the road.

Unfamiliar with ADT security? Here are five things any homeowner should know if they want to make sure their house is safe year-round.

Home Intrusions Are On The Rise

It’s best not to hope luck wins out when it comes to your home security. More than two and a half million home intrusions are reported every year in the United States alone. While some of these don’t result in much damage, others can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in lost property, damaged property and even injury. Back in 2013 the losses from all reported property crimes exceeded $17 billion. An ADT security system, however, can provide you the first, and best, line of defense.

Most Burglaries Occur During The Day

It’s time to reject a lot of common notions about what constitutes a burglary. A misconception that’s still widespread is the image of the burglar sneaking into a home in the dead of night. Recent studies, however, have found most burglaries actually take place between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. This is because a burglar looks much less suspicious attempting to enter a home in broad daylight than in the middle of the night when there’s nobody else around. This isn’t the only risk factor you should know about.

Little Mistakes Can Have Big Consequences

What small actions do you take to keep your home safe? Likewise…is there anything you overlook during the busy work week? A single slip-up can have a huge consequence, particularly if your home is already falling behind with its security technology. One study found an astonishing 35% of burglars will enter through the front door. Another 30% of burglars will enter a home through either an unlocked door or window. While surveillance systems are incredibly important, they still need to be paired with smart and consistent habits throughout the week.

You Can Save Money With A Home Security Addition

There are even more benefits you can gain when you invest in an ADT security system this year. Some insurance providers can offer discounts when a home security system is installed, as it saves them a lot of potential work down the road. You can save up to 20%, sometimes more, and that’s before we go into the preventative measures you can expect to enjoy. Homes without security or alarm systems in place have been found to be 300% more likely to be broken into.

Preventative Measure Is Key To Keeping Your Home Safe

Instead of waiting for a burglary to happen and reacting later, take the initiative and see how an ADT security system can give you daily peace-of-mind. Over 12 million home automation systems were installed by 2016, with today seeing over 18 million home security systems installed throughout the country. An interesting study found nine out of 10 burglars will actively avoid homes with alarm systems in place. This also extends to surveillance technology and security cameras. Simply put, video surveillance systems are a tool no home should be without.

Is your home safe? Make sure with an ADT security system.

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