How a PPC Agency Can Help Increase Consumer Interest

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According to recent research, the number one way to drive internet traffic to websites it through search engine results. This is even more effective than social media strategies, by some estimates up to 300% more effective. Advertising dollars spent on pay per click (PPC) can yield a return on investment of up to 300%. While these numbers may seem extraordinary, and you may think it applies only to online retailers, studies indicate that up to 70% of consumers have visited local establishments after finding them in their search results. This indicates that individuals are utilizing search engines to locate new businesses and services in their immediate area, rather than consulting a phone book or their social media feed. Additionally, nearly 70% of internet users in the United States said they researched products online during the holiday season before going to a local store to make the purchase.

There are many ways to spend your advertising dollars online. A PPC agency can help you successfully navigate one of the most effective methods, pay per click traffic. To understand the value of using the services of a PPC agency you first need to understand how pay per click advertising works. Then we will discuss two of the most prominent places for these advertisements; Google and Bing.

How does pay per click advertising work?
Pay per click advertising are the results at the top, or sometimes side, of the search results that typically show that the placement is an advertisement. Some websites and blogs also have these types of results imbedded on their pages based on the keywords found on the individual page. Advertisers are only charged when those advertisements are clicked on and the potential customer is directed to the website. It is an excellent, and economical, method of getting noticed online while other marketing strategies are implemented to increase online presence.

Adwords pay per click is typically found in Google search results. Google has a huge market share when it comes to users, and using their platform offers high visibility that is targeted to specific search terms to help bring consumers who are looking for your products and services directly to you.

Bing paid search is similar, but is operated through the Bing search engine which is run by Microsoft. It has the second largest search engine market share in the United States. The way the program is run is slightly different. For example, they can show the number of Twitter followers a person or company has, which gives users an idea of popularity. Because their market share is smaller, there is less competition and the fee per click is cheaper.

Working with a PPC agency allows you to worry less with the details of ensuring your ads are placed appropriately, and are targeting the right keywords to optimize sales, and focus on your business. Pay per click experts keep up to date on the latest changes implemented by the pay per click advertisers in order to target keywords more effectively and utilize the newest tools and resources.

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