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There are times when seniors could not be able to provide precise details about their condition. If, for instance, they are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, they have a poor remembering of their progress in their health. Your caregiver’s journal can help your doctor get exact data from a reliable source.

4. Through allowing for Continuity in Care in Your Absence

Home Care Pulse found that caregiver retention rates vary between 40 and 67%. It’s despite the frequent departure of caregivers because of poor communication, or not being recognized. If you’re employed, you may have to leave an agency anymore. If you’re a non-paid household caregiver, a situation such as moving to a different state could cause you to stop receiving care.

An elderly caregiver journal is a great way to observe their overall wellbeing even if you’re absent. Health of the elderly will not be negatively affected by the care they provide. The treatment for orthopedics should continue even if you are not in the position to receive it.

Thus, a thorough caregiver journal is one of the most valuable gifts you can send to your former patient. Your next caregiver will have access to data like doctor’s appointments and new issues affecting the senior’s health, and events in the past like fall-related injuries. Monitoring of health care doesn’t just end with you.

5. Facilitate Information Sharing

Another way caregiver journaling helps to aid in monitoring the health of older adults is the easy sharing of details. As previously noted, your patient requires attention from numerous personnel, and many of whom don’t have access to the information you have. Your memories may not have the same information as what you read on paper or in an app.


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