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It is not possible to have wood or metal. A large part of the reason for it is because of semiconductors. These small electronic components are present in every aspect from sensors for engines to GPS systems, and even in car seats belts. And they’re utilized in such a way that you do be unaware of how crucial they’re!

The video below gives you the insider’s view of the manufacturing process for semiconductors, the steps and processes that are involved, as well as what they look like before they enter the vehicle.

From the humble sand, to silicon wafers, semiconductors go through many steps prior to the final outcome is produced. Silicon boasts a number of important characteristics that make it a top choice for the fabrication of semiconductors. These include its capacity to conduct electricity and be exceptionally strong, without requiring the support of other substances.

Following a variety of processes, including applying a layer of photoresist, exposure, development, and the etching process, silicon is the desired conductor structure which makes us the semiconductors that we know.

Find out more about the process of making semiconductors by watching this video. ber69m4s3z.

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