How Audio and Visual Features Improve Presentations

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Do you frequently give presentations? Whether you?re speaking in front of a class of students, speaking at a meeting, or hosting a large conference, it?s important to make your presentation as good as it can be. Part of that means finding your presentation style. Do you like to memorize a speech or memorize bullet points? Do you prefer to walk around the stage or stand in one area and turn your body? Other aspects of making sure your presentation goes well include knowing how to use audio video feature and sound systems to enhance your speech.

Interested in learning more about how a dynamic presentation could have a lasting effect on your audience? Keep reading for more information about the importance of av design and a sound system for your presentation.

Growing Audio and Sound Equipment Industry

Across the United States, the audio and sound equipment industry is growing rapidly. With the development of Bluetooth and its increasing popularity, people are continuing to buy newer and newer audio and visual products. Right now, the market has nearly surpassed $120 billion.

In regards to just headphones and headsets that have been sold throughout the world, in 2013 the industry made $236 million. By 2016, the industry had made $334 million off of these specific products. Bluetooth opens the door for the sale of even more audio and sound equipment products. Since 2013, sales for Bluetooth products have continued to increase across the globe. In 2013, there were nine million unit sold. By 2016, there were around 42 million units sold throughout the world.

How Audio and Visual Features Improve Presentations

How often do you use audio or visual effects when giving presentations? If you haven?t ever done this before, now is the time to learn how to incorporate these features into your presentations. With the help of audio video experts and a low voltage contractor, you can even learn how to set this up on your own. Without a low voltage contractor and audio video design experts, you may struggle a little at first, though.

Plenty of studies show how audio and visual features positively impact an audience during presentations. For example, when we are talking about the different ways that people learn, nearly 83% of people learn best when something visual is incorporated into the lesson, according to studies by educational researchers. Hearing positively impacts around 11% of people.

By changing up your presentation with the help of low voltage contractors and audio visual features, you can really change how you impact your audience. An oral presentation without these effects allows people to retain around 10% of what they hear three days after the presentation. If you add something visual to that presentation, they?ll retain about 35% of the information. Include something visual and oral and suddenly the audience is able to retain around 65% of what they learn.

There are plenty of different ways to incorporate visual and audio features into your presentation with ease. If you?re worried about how it will disrupt your flow, make you nervous, or cause disruptions, you simply need to work with low voltage contractor to help set up your systems and teach you what to do when presenting. Then, you need to decide if you want to use something like slides as an aid for those who are visual learners. It?s generally a good idea to use slides if the group is smaller than 100 people. The more people present, the larger the screen will need to be so people can clearly see and read the slides.

If you want to include something audio in your presentation, consider ways to include short videos or songs. You can include clips of speeches other people have given or show clips of movies that are important to your message. It?s a good idea to get creative with your audio and visual components so they truly add to your message rather than distracting from your main points.

Have you tried incorporating any audio or visual effects into your presentations? Did you use the help of a low voltage contractor to set it up? Let us know in the comments about your experiences improving your presentations.

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