How Digital Marketing Can Help You Reach the Informed Customer

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The advent of digital technologies has transformed the world of marketing and advertising along with much else. For one thing, customers in the Information Age are much more savvy and well informed. With only a few clicks or taps, they can research brands, products, shopping options, and read reviews. This also offers companies a new field for advertising, and new ways to reach potential customers. Most companies however lack the necessary expertise in online marketing to catch the wave. Luckily there are creative agencies that specialize in online marketing that can help you benefit from the new tends and technologies. So go ahead and take the first step, and contact a marketing agency to find out they can help you.

What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing opens up new ways of communicating with customers, through online advertising, websites, social media, and more. The wealth of information on the internet means that consumers can easily research and compare products and services. They can also read reviews written by other consumers to make up their minds.
Studies have found that on average, online shoppers read 11 consumer reviews before deciding to purchase anything. As a many as 80% of consumers surveyed say that carry out ?a lot? of research online before a major purchase; and nearly half or 46% rely on social media to decide whether to purchase a product.
The message for companies is clear: online and digital marketing are the way to reach a large and growing segment of the population.

Digital marketing is growing
Advertising agencies that specialize in online marketing can give your company the digital edge when it comes to educating consumers about your products and services. Recognizing this, companies are boosting their online marketing budgets. By 2014, on average, the budget for digital marketing was 25% of the total marketing budget. Over the next five years, the share for digital marketing is expected to grow to 75% of the total budget for marketing and advertising.
This year, $24 billion will be spent in the U.S. alone on online display advertising. A study found that 59% of CMOs believe that this is an effective form of marketing. A creative agency can help you decide what type of digital marketing suits your company’s needs.

How does digital marketing work?
Even though digital marketing has rapidly proved its worth, only a small number, around 8%, of companies have a specialized email marketing team, even though it is ranked as the most effective marketing tactic, delivering the highest ROI. By 2015, the majority of companies, or 78%, had dedicated social media teams.
However, even though 50% of companies now use digital marketing, they don’t have an overall plan or vision. This is where a specialized ad agency can help. In fact a full service marketing agency can provide the following services:

  • Strategic branding
  • Creative execution
  • Digital and social marketing
  • Media planning and buying
  • Web development

Having a specialized advertising firm on your side can make all the difference in the highly competitive online marketplace.

Advertising firms that specialize in digital marketing
can help your company take your advertising and marketing campaigns to a whole new level. To find out how the new world of online digital marketing can help you, the first step is to set up a consultation with a marketing agency.

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