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It’s not easy to know what a cesspool is. As a result of various types of owners, each the septic tank may be unique. This video shows you how to utilize a specialized device that can help you determine if the tank is in need of being pumped.

The septic tank is comprised of three layers. The top layer is known as the Scum layer. The middle layer, known as effluent or filtered water, is the part of the scum layer. The bottom layer, or Sludge, is composed of solid trash. The aim of the toilet is to wash out the effluent without the Sludge and scum.

In the event that the sludge layer gets in excess and the tank is not able to provide place to hold the effluent is the right time to flush the septic tank. The pump removes all components in the tank and resets it. Core samplers are used to identify if your tank requires to be cleaned.

The sampler’s center is put inside the septic tank. It is left there until it reaches the bottom. Once it reaches the bottom and you pull it out, you’ll pull a string that seals the tube. This gives you an idea from the layer. Push the tube down slowly and straight down. Check the tube for whether your sludge is excessively high. You should pump it out if there is at least a third of the your sludge as compared with the height of water.


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