How To Break Into The Fashion Industry With T Shirts

Manual heat transfer press

If you’re interested in clothing designing and selling clothes, particularly t shirts, investing in a custom heat press transfer, one of the many types of heat press, could help to get your business started and off the ground. There are many types of manual heat presses, and many, like a specialty heat press, can be beneficial and useful to a clothing business. But a custom heat press transfer can help you to create clothing designs and decorations that are unique to your business, helping you cement your individuality in the fashion world.

The U.S. apparel market is booming, growing with each year. In 2016, it reached a net worth of over 300 billion dollars. By 2025, less than ten years from now, it is anticipated to reach a worth of nearly 400 billion dollars. T shirts make up a large part of this market, as they are often relatively inexpensive (though the most expensive t shirt, called Superlative Luxury, is worth nearly half a million dollar) and are, in most all cases, usually exceedingly comfortable to wear. T shirts are ideal not just for going to sleep and lounging around the house but can easily be made presentable and chic for going out as well. T shirts adorned with slogans and pictures can help to express personality as well (and those slogans and pictures can be added to any basic t shirt with a custom heat press transfer or other type of heat press like a sublimation press). T shirts have been around and worn regularly for over one hundred years (one hundred and seventeen, to be exact) but only recently made it into the dictionary as their own word within the last few decades. There are even Guinness World Records related to t shirts. For instance, Sanath Bandara holds claim to wearing the most t shirts at one time when he wore 257 t shirts at once.

T shirts are in part so popular because they are so largely able to be customized. They can be made from nearly an fabric, which is ideal for people who have sensitive skin that is irritated by certain fabrics. It’s also important to note that this high ability for customization is only added to by the purchase of a heat press and different types of heat press accessories like a custom heat press transfer. If you’re interested in breaking into the fashion industry, creating t shirts with a custom heat press is an easy way to begin.

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