How to Clean Your Brakes Yourself – Car Talk Podcast


1. First, you must prepare your necessary supplies, such as the grease and new brake pads. Be sure to have the necessary materials, both minor and major prior to starting.

2. After that, it is important to get the calipers and wheels out of the way for you to get they can be accessed. If you’re all set to begin, put your car on a flat and dry surface using your tool to loosen the nuts.

3. You can then replace the pads. The caliper must be removed easily. An auto brake service company is likely to suggest doing this procedure slowly over a period of time. It is essential to avoid damage the wheel.

4. After you’ve replaced pads, it’s time to begin to put them back in and put back together the hydraulic caliper. You should use a long enough tool and comes with a brake pad and the foot.

5. Once you have completed all wheels in place, you simply need to lower your vehicle to the ground and do the same on the opposite side. Be aware of the brake fluid, and then ensure that you tighten all bolts on the lugs when you’re finished. q5671qxdiz.

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