How To Improve Your Network Security

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Right now, technology is incredibly important to businesses not just in the United States but across the globe. There is no question that as technology continues to grow in importance and usage that it will continue to crossover into the world of business. Technology helps businesses communicate better, it helps them get access to new revenues of profits, and also allows for them to enhance the customer experience as well.

This has grown to a point where people really value the technology companies that work with businesses to build websites and network security. As a matter of fact, just about 46% of all people believe that one of the most important ways of determining the credibility of a company is by checking out their website design. If the design of the website is unattractive or does not work well then the company is not credible. If the design of the website is attractive and works well, then the company is deemed credible.

This concept of network support, network monitoring, and network security being super important may seem silly. But take a moment and think back to the last time you visited a website that worked well and one that did not. Which experience did you enjoy more? Because chances are you probably enjoyed the website that was well designed and worked well.

IT support, IT solutions, and IT outsourcing are all three types of technological support that businesses have invested in since this expansion of technology. It is important for a business to have proper network security to fully function. Some businesses have remote workers or have to have large conference calls and for them, network security is an absolute priority.

A survey was conducted recently involving employees of a smaller sized company and how many employees worked remotely and how many did not. This survey revealed that just about 62% of all smaller sized businesses allowed for remote work whereas 38% did not. The 62% of all small businesses will truly need reliable network security for their employees to be fully productive while on the job.

Amongst medium-sized companies, a similar survey was conducted to find out how many employees worked remotely from home and how many did not. This revealed that just about 55% of all medium-sized companies allowed for employees to work remotely from home and 45% did not. It is important to know that network security is a must for these types of companies as well.

In a 2013 study, it was revealed that just about two out of three large companies in the United States was involved with telecommuting. These types of businesses that have conference calls or communicate by phone often will need to make sure they have reliable network security. They cannot afford to lose their call connection if communicating by phone is essential to their week-to-week operation.

Network security is also incredibly important in that it helps businesses keep importnat information from being stoled or deleted. Just about half of all companies have lost data in the cloud and had to restore their information from backups which are no simple task. Furthermore, just about 20% of all smaller sized businesses are projected to be hacked within the upcoming year. This is why network security is so important for smaller and medium-sized business.

In Conclusion

Make sure that your employees and your business are protected from the potential dangers of the internet. It is easy to hire an IT support company to come in and help you boost your network security. This will help you protect your employees, your business, and all of your data from hackers and even deletion. You should not give yourself too much to do while running your small business, so let the experts help you with your network security.

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