Increasing Your Customer Satisfaction With a Live Answering Service

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Have you ever called a business or a helpline only to receive an automated voice message? What did you do? You probably hung up and planned to return the call later on. You may or may not have actually called the business again, depending on how important that call was to you. You might have even tried a different business, which you were able to reach a live person at. Many people, every day, hang up when they reach an automated answering service. Simply put, people do not want to wait or leave a message when they are calling somewhere. This can cause loss of business and potential customers for small businesses who are unable to man their phone at all hours of the day.

Customers who are unable to reach a live person when they wish to are generally less satisfied than those who have constant availability. Answering services can assist in increasing customer satisfaction due to the fact that customers can contact the business at anytime. An after hours answering service is a great option for smaller businesses who do not have the employee availability or the means to accept customer input and questions every minute of the day.

Customer complaints or questions are especially tricky when a business is unable to answer as a live person. A customer may be experiencing difficulty in ordering online or in a product that they have received. They may expect to reach a live person when calling a line that is not a 24 hour answering service. The lack of a live person being available will only increase their frustration and decrease their satisfaction with your product or the service that they have received. When your company opts to hire a live phone answering service, you are providing your customers with around the clock assistance about your products and services. This after hours answering service could mean the difference between make a first time or repeat sale and leaving a customer dissatisfied to never return again to your business.

An estimated 59% of Americans would try a different brand or company for a better customer service experience. This often means that hiring a professional answering service will quickly pay for itself by keeping your customers satisfied and returning for more business. An after hours answering service are generally employed with call center employees who are not only friendly to your customers, but also knowledgeable and able to help them with any concerns about your business? products.

Not only can a dissatisfied customer hurt your business by their decreased chance of returning, they will also be less likely to recommend you to their friends and family. Many businesses rely on customer growth through referrals of their current satisfied customers. Consumers are 2 time more likely to share a bad customer service experience with family and friends than they are to share a good customer service experience. This is why it is extremely important to ensure that your customers not only receive the best service possible, but that they are always able to reach a live person who is friendly and knowledgeable about your business. A national answering service or an after hours answering service has the ability to provide this level of customer service to your current and potential customers.

Customer service is important to the success of a business. If a customer receives bad customer service or if they are unable to reach a live person, they are likely to share their negative experience with others and to not return as a customer. Smaller businesses may have difficulty with having enough staff to be able to answer questions and comments at all hours of the day, but hiring an after hours answering service can help to ensure that your customers are always reaching a live person who is friendly and knowledgeable about the business.

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