Incredible Mexican Traditions – Summer Travel Tips


The very first thing to be mentioned is the Day of The Dead. The origins of this festival are with the indigenous people of Mexico. It is celebrated in the month of October from early October until the beginning of November. Most interestingly, the festival is split into segments. On November 1, the festival is for young ones, and the 2nd intended for adults. Family members are invited to lay Paschal blooms along with candles and offerings at the grave.

The next step is the Ritual Ceremonies of the Papantla Flyers. The tradition originated from Mesoamerica. This dance was practiced by the natives to encourage the respect of nature and harmony between physical and spiritual realms. The dancers have to climb up a pole during the performance. They then are harnessed to the rope that is at the pole’s top. The pole is then lowered and they can perform amazing Acrobatics while turning. It’s an amazing spectacle to see. If you’d like to get a taste more of Mexican tradition for yourself, consider trying something Mexican food at your favorite Mexican restaurant.


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