Incredible Twisters Touch Down in Dodge City – Entertainment News Today

It is necessary to perform major roof repair. They can be able to generate winds in excess of 250 miles an hour. Even weaker tornadoes could tear away tiles. This video shows a tornado which struck close to Dodge City.

This video shows a miniature tornado moving across an open field. The tornado is covered in dust. You can also see the vortex’s inner structure forming just a bit later in the video. Shortly after, you can see the caution in the voices of storm chasers. Storm chasers are well-aware of the speed at which a tornado could grow. Additionally, they can be unpredictably and may alter your course in any moment. After a while then, the tornado starts to pull out. This happens when the vortex inside becomes smaller and not as thick. The tornadoes can still be dangerous. If anything, these tornadoes can be more volatile as their more powerful counterparts. After just a couple of minutes the tornado is broken in smaller vertices. It is then transformed into an even bigger tornado. The funnel now appears strong and clearly defined.


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