Make the Most of Your Digital Marketing Campaign with These 7 Tips

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How happy is your company with its digital marketing? Are you getting what you want from it? Digital marketing accounted for about 25% of the average company’s marketing budget in 2014. By 2019 that is expected to grow to at least 75%. In 2015, social media teams were employed by 78% of companies and that was a jump from the 67% who had them in 2012. The problem is that more than 80% of consumers have had a bad experience with social media marketing. If you want to enhance and improve your social media marketing plan, experts at advertising agencies recommend the following tips:

  1. Be very careful with your message. Advertising agencies recommend being very careful with a company’s message. Every message you send should reflect your brand and mirror your message. Content marketing is all about building your brand but if you are not careful, you can muddy the waters with conflicting or unclear messages. Take some time to work on your message.
  2. Use it often but stay on message. Your social media channels give you a great way to communicate with the public but you still need to be consistent with your message. You need to use it regularly. Social media is just that, it is social. Post informative and helpful information. There is a fine line between posting to little and posting too much. According to Buffer App, you should limit your Twitter posts to five a day and Facebook posts to five and ten a week. You should only post to LinkedIn and Google once a day. That is enough to be social but not to be sending spam. If you have worked with a marketing agency to develop your message, just remember to keep that message in mind when you post to social media.
  3. Provide value in your posts. Sure you want to get your message out but ad agencies stress that people do nit just want to read ads that offer them no value. If you use your social media channels to promote yourself, your campaign will fail. Provide helpful content and it will succeed.
  4. Be social! Social media is just that, it is social. You need to have a dialogue with your followers and friends. Use these channels to make the people who interact with you on social media feel like you value them. You can also use these platforms to address complaints. Advertising agencies recommend using these platforms to provide great customer service. This has to be one of the best ways to engage the people who follow you.
  5. Buy ads on the various platforms. All of the different social media platforms offer different advertising opportunities and options. Each gives you something different You can talk to a creative agency about the best way to build your brand by buying ads on the different platforms. But you can also play around with it yourself a bit. Facebook is moving more and more towards a model where if your business wants to be seen there, it needs to buy ads there. LinkedIn offers premium services, which you can try for a month. Sponsored tweets are great at encouraging engagement.
  6. Use ready made content. Content is very important but you do not have to create it all yourself. This does not have to be expensive to be helpful to your brand. Check out Fiverr to get interesting and creative content to use in your digital media marketing campaign.
  7. Decide what you want people to do on your site. Advertising firm experts remind people that you should decide what it is you want your visitors to do. You need to craft your content to make this clear. There are some free or affordable applications, plug-ins and tools that can help you use your page to engage with your visitors. You can use polls and surveys to encourage engagement and keep people on your site longer.

If your company is not at the stage where you can start interviewing advertising agencies, there are things you can do to promote your brand and raise awareness of the work that you do or the products you sell.


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