More People And Things Connected To The Web As “Internet Of Things” Takes Over

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We live in a digital age where everyone is connected to something, be it their cell phones, laptops, tablets, or other electronic personal and home devices. The “Internet of Things” is taking over as more and more everyday objects are beginning to evolve so that they can connect to the web. Not only our electronic devices, but everyday things like vehicles, buildings, factory machines, and more all make up the Internet of Things that are connected seemingly 24/7. And the public’s dependence on the Internet isn’t anticipated to slow down anytime soon. For example, by 2020, over 5 billion people around the globe will be connected to the Internet, while 50 billion things, like activity trackers and home devices, will be connected as well.

This constant connection to the Internet means that companies are having to evolve when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. Many even have to team up with a digital advertising agency to help boost their website quality to increase traffic and brand awareness. Afterall, increasing brand awareness and building better loyalty with at least 5% more customers can translate to a 25% to 100% boost in profit per customer. A digital advertising agency can help with this.

However, for some customers, especially millennials, improved websites, user experience, trust, and brand awareness aren’t enough to gain their loyalty. Instead, many customers, 77% in fact, remain loyal to a brand if the brand is producing great products. A digital advertising agency can really help businesses market their products and brands to attract and retain customers, even millennials!

As mentioned before, it’s not only phones, computers, and tablets that are being connected to the web nowadays. Personal and home devices are becoming increasingly connected, so much so that the purchase of such devices, like modern activity trackers, is skyrocketing. So much so that one in ten consumers in the U.S. older than 18 years of age owned some sort of activity trackers as of September 2013! The demand for other home devices is also on the rise, so much so that manufacturers are expecting to ship an estimated 1.9 billion web enabled home devices by 2019, bringing in nearly $490 billion in revenue!

All the signs point to a very technological future as long as digital innovation companies, innovation and product design and development exist. Over the coming years, technology is expected to continue evolving, so one can only wonder what kind of technological wonders we’ll be privy too five, ten, or even twenty years from now.

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