One-Third Of Burglars Will Break Into A Home Because Of This Simple, Yet Startlingly Common Oversight

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Taking good care of your home means taking the initiative.

Would you wait until someone’s robbed your house before locking the door? How about waiting until your property is vandalized or damaged before installing a series of cameras? While this doesn’t sound like it makes much sense, too many American homeowners find themselves in the troubling position of waiting until after the damage has been done before taking action. With burglaries on the rise and many of them being committed in unexpected ways, installing a commercial security system will help you in more ways than one.

Here are five important things you should know about preventing a burglary.

More Homeowners Are Installing Surveillance Systems

Today’s American homeowner is more savvy than ever. Not only are people understandably interested in saving money, they’re keen on protecting their investment and keeping it from being compromised. Today there are an estimated 18 million home security systems installed around the country. Back in 2013 the total amount of losses from all reported property crimes reached a shocking $17 billion. As you can already see, installing surveillance systems and security cameras is going to be a homeowner staple soon enough.

Most Burglaries Aren’t Done At Night

A common stereotype of the classic burglar is a shady individual who creeps into a home during the dead of night. The fact of the matter, however, is rather different. Most burglaries actually take place between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., meaning you’re more likely to lose your belongings when the sun is still high in the sky. It makes sense, when you think about it. What looks more suspicious? This is why you have to remain ever vigilant.

Many Unwanted Guests Enter Through A Window Or Door

What’s another way people break into homes with the residents none the wiser? Through the front door or back window. A recent study found an astonishing 35% of burglars just walking in through a home’s unlocked front door, meaning nearly one-third of all burglaries could have been prevented through a good habit. Back in 2016 over 12 million home automation systems were installed, with this figure only expected to increase as facts replace common myths.

A Commercial Security System Can Deter Most Break-Ins

Not only do you want a commercial security system to catch a robber in the act, but you want obvious cameras installed around the home to prevent such an occurrence in the first place. A study asking convicted burglars about the most troubling elements encountered during a break-in found that homes with security systems in place fared best. An impressive nine out of 10 burglars admitted they would actively avoid a house with home security systems. When it comes down to it, home security is an investment you won’t ever find yourself regretting.

Video Surveillance Systems Are A Wise Investment

There are quite a few benefits to gain when you install a commercial security system this year. You’ll drastically reduce your chances of a break-in and enjoy steady peace-of-mind every time you step out of the house to go to work. How much? A recent study found homes without security systems being up to 300% more likely to be broken into. You can even save some money in the long-term. Some insurance providers give homeowners incentive to invest in a commercial security system by offering a 20% discount or more when cameras are installed.

From saving money to saving your sanity…there’s no reason not to install a security system in 2018.

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