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With the accessibility of products and information online, many are updating their homes on their own terms. DIYers work on a variety of projects from landscaping projects lasting months, to small rewiring projects that can be completed in hours.

If you are looking to updates your home?s Ethernet cables, you have a couple options available. Whether you are upgrading your connectivity, or you?re replacing a line severed on accident, there are better cables available than the standard. Wired connections offer better reliability than WiFi connections. Many gamers prefer to play plugged in because of the better speeds and more secure connections. If your home is wired, it?s more secure for private sharing of files and sensitive information.

But what are Ethernet cables? Basically they are the wires connecting the technology devices in your home computer network. The wires carry the signals with information to various servers, modems, or devices. Today, the most common Ethernet cable is the 10 Mbps one created by Xerox, Digital and IntelR. The 10 Mbps Ethernet cable is commonly used in homes with two or three computes. But homeowners often purchase faster network cables with speeds 100 Mbps or higher to have a faster internet connection. All Ethernet cables are wires twisted together in four pairs. These twists help stop currents and interference between the cables. Each type of Cat cable uses an RJ-45 end to plug into the Ethernet port. The RJ45 plugs are useful for about 1,000 to 2,000 insertions. Below are a couple options for Cat cables.

Cat5 Cables

These aren?t the newest Cat cables on the market, but they will still work well. Chances are they will give you a faster connect you faster than your WiFi. More importantly, they?re durable. Their solid construction means they will last a long time, probably five to ten years. If you?re looking to upgrade, but don?t want to get in over your head, these are a good basic step up.

Cat5e Cables

Cat5e cables are an improvement on Cat5, hence the added ?e? for enhanced. When using cat5e cables bulk you?ll find speeds of up to one GB per second at 100 MHz frequencies. This might be a great option for those who want an improvement, but don?t necessarily want to spend as much on the update. These cables were built for the 1000 Mbps or gigabit highspeed. Another benefit of the Cat5e cable is reduced interference between wires within the cables. Looking into acquiring Cat5e cables bulk for the home or home office might be a useful improvement to your home.

Cat6 Cables

Upgrading to cat6 Ethernet cables will provide you with higher speeds and frequencies than using either cat5 or cate5 cable. The better speed often come with a requisite cost. Those who don?t have as much experience in home with wires and installation may find it a bit trickier to install any cat6 cable.

Connectivity for communication is key. Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 cables are used by IT home professionals, as well as audio geeks, home theater lovers, and hardcore gamers. Picking up Cat5e cables bulk might be a good middle of the road option for those interested in obtaining more reliable faster speeds for better wired connection. If you?re doing a home renovation project yourself, upgrading connection speeds is might make a good weekend project.

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