Porch Pirates Get Pranked – Entertainment Videos

People are taking control of their lives. In this clip you’ll witness the incredibly skilled hand of Mark Rober exact his revenge against these pirates of the porch. They may require bail bonds when they’ve received new clothes.

Mark Rober is an engineer who previously worked at NASA. He is an expert or two concerning engineering. He has designed a system that looks similar to normal and puts it around the city. These aren’t ordinary packages. Inside is a device that will shoot glitter at thieves when they take it open. There is also a fart spray as well as police sound effects and a spray of glitter. In addition, it includes a tracking device and cameras to ensure that the hilarious moments can be watched by viewers such as you and me. The emotions are unforgettable. Many of the porch quickly freak out once they realize they have received more than they anticipated. It is covered in glitter and spray of fart, which is understandable. Poor guy even threw the box through the windows of his vehicle.


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