Prevent Problems Before They Arise with Cloud Services


More companies, small businesses in particular, are acknowledging the benefits of using cloud services. Managed services are also growing in popularity because they provide around-the-clock IT support. This level of support can make a significant difference in identifying issues before they become a problem.

When you consider the large number of hard drives crashing on a weekly basis, 140,000 in the United States alone, the importance of backing up data with cloud services makes total sense. It’s interesting to note, however, that 59% of recently surveyed business stated they only had one back-up location. However, 25% of these businesses indicated that they would choose to store data on the cloud if given the opportunity.

After just six months of moving their operations to the cloud, 80% of the businesses surveyed indicated that they noticed an improvement. Furthermore, 82% of these companies also claimed they saved money by using these services.

Another benefit of using cloud services is increased cybersecurity. Were you aware that there are roughly 90 million cybersecurity events on an annual basis? Furthermore, there are approximately 400 new threats that occur every minute. Since approximately 70% of these attacks are undetected, having managed services monitoring these breaches can prevent your business from losing valuable data.

While businesses obviously worry about being hacked, so, too, do clients and customers. A recent survey showed that when shopping, around 70% of the population is concerned that their credit card number will be stolen. Many individuals are also concerned that their smartphones, tablets, and computers will be targeted for an attack, which was the case with 62% of the individuals participating in the poll.

These individuals aren’t worrying without reason. A recent Gallup poll found over the past year, 27% of people in the United States actually did have their credit card information stolen. In addition, 11% of the poll participants also had their smartphone or computer hacked.

If you haven’t moved your data to the cloud yet, you may want to contact an IT consulting firm. They will be able to discuss the benefits of cloud services and provide detailed information on how managed IT services can make a difference in your day-to-day business operations.

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