Preventative Maintenance for Your HVAC – Home Improvement Videos

e that they last more. It is possible to see the results in a home HVAC maintenance program. Find out more!

The clip examines one of the homes with two HVAC systems. One furnace is situated upstairs, while the other is located in the closet. They first need to look at the exterior of the HVAC system. They will then have to pull the panel off to look inside. They then removed the furnace filter and swapped it for a new filter. A AC maintenance plan may recommend changing the filter every 90 days, and it’s something that anyone can accomplish on their own.

After having checked all the details related to the furnace examined the other furnace in the house. It was within the attic. They found that the furnace required replacement with a capacitor replacement.

For more information about AC maintenance, view the remainder of the video.


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