Print Marketing is Here to Stay Here’s Why

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Most Americans spend a significant amount of time online. Whether you are simply surfing the web, online shopping, interacting through social media, or watching cat videos, you know that the Internet is where you consume most of your daily content and information.

So, what does that mean for print? Is there really any need for printed material in our modern society? Is printing dead? What will happen to all those printing services?

Well, if you think that print has become obsolete, you are most definitely wrong. Print marketing, for instance, is still alive and well, though it is doing a great job of flying under the radar.

Why Print Marketing Still Works

  1. It is engaging
    In order to communicate effectively to your intended audience, you must grab their attention and keep it for long enough to share your message. Ironically, holding a consumer?s attention in the cyber world is becoming increasingly difficult as the public is getting used to the constant streams of content being thrown their way. Competition in the digital arena is fierce. But there is just too much of it, and frankly, all those flashy online ads get a little annoying after a while. Print media, on the other hand, is less invasive and not nearly as aggressive. It is also entirely tangible. It is something you can touch and feel with your hands, making it interactive and engaging.
  2. It is more personal
    Remember the days of snail mail? Remember receiving letters from friends and family? You could literally touch their words with your fingers. It was far more personal than receiving a text or an email as is so commonplace these days. Print marketing has a similar vibe to old fashioned letters and postcards. When people receive a personalized direct mail piece or see a unique ad on a billboard or painted on the side of a building, they generally experience a stronger emotional pull. These forms of advertising show commitment.
  3. It is more credible
    Research shows that people rarely believe the things they read online. Therefore, your web content, advertisements, and blog posts may not be as influential as you hoped. When your consumers see good quality print materials, they may be more inclined to trust your business and believe that you are serious about what you do.

Print marketing is here to stay. To do some marketing of your own, check out your local printing companies.

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