Repeat After Me I Will Not Make These Social Media Mistakes

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If you’ve found your way here, chances are you already know how important social media tools are to your online marketing efforts. According to Pew Internet, 73% of adults using the internet use at least one social media platform. With that number officially breaking the two billion user barrier in 2013, 1.4 billion of whom are on Facebook, there’s no better time to engage in social media optimization to get your business noticed.

There are plenty of articles out there claiming to tell you all the things you should do to increase your social media presence and thereby increase your website traffic. However, as any social marketing firm can tell you, success on social media is just as much about the things you shouldn’t do as the things you should.

The Four Don’ts of Social Media

  1. Don’t Waste Money on Cut-out Advertising
  2. Like print and radio before it, online advertising has become standard and repetitive. Because of this, writes Forbes, 80% of Facebook users have yet to make a purchase via the social media behemoth. The 20% who have made a purchase have done so after seeing unique advertising efforts by their favorite brands. Try using indirect marketing, a method of creating high quality content that relates to your brand while simultaneously entertaining your readers. That is the most likely way of snapping consumers out of their marketing fatigue.

  3. Don’t Take Too Long to Respond to Customer Outreach
  4. Did you know, according to statistics from Hubshout, 42% of consumers expect a response within an hour if they take the time to reach out to your business on social media? If they’re reaching out with a complaint, that number jumps to 72%! Subsequently, ignoring your customers or putting off a response for too long can seriously damage your reputation on social media.

  5. Don’t Share Every Piece of Content at Once
  6. Sharing is a rule when it comes to building a rapport with your followers on social media. Subsequently, as Statistic Brain shows, Facebook users share 70 billion pieces of content per month. That being said, over-sharing can ruin your social media standing. As Social Media Today writes, social media users follow your page so that they can see the content you share, but if you overdo it by constantly filling their feeds with content they aren’t interested in, they will quickly become disenchanted with you. Try using Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts at acceptable intervals.

  7. Don’t Skip Social Media
  8. This one may seem obvious, but as astutely points out, too many businesses choose to forego social media because of the risks. Yes, if you try to grow your website traffic by engaging in any of this list’s don’ts, you will hurt your business reputation. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on the huge rewards you can gain via social media.

Treating your social media marketing campaigns with the respect deserved is crucial to growing your audience, increasing your website traffic, and growing your potential revenue stream. By keeping this list of social media faux pas in mind, you can optimize your social media efforts and vastly improve your business. For more, read this link.

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