So Much Paper, So Little Time Finding The Right Cardstock For Your Needs

What’s the difference between printing paper and cardstock?

This is just the first question in a long line of details that’ll lead you to the paper that suits your business best. Not only should you be figuring out what separates one type from another, you should be considering the benefits of bulk orders. You have a lot of customers to satisfy and only so much time to do it, after all. Digital printing is a good resource that can customize your order to the finest detail and give you time to spare. Ready to learn more about banner printing, bulk printing, and custom printing?

Take a crash course in printing paper below so you can lead the pack.

The On-Site Sign Is Your Most Powerful ROI

If you’re a business looking to curry more repeat customers, it’s time to get the hang of banner printing. A sign is your most affordable and longest lasting method of cultivating reliable ROI. It’s been found the value of on-site signage is equivalent to 24 full-page newspaper advertisements in a year’s time. A single on-site sign costs just a few cents for every thousand views, compared to a 300 line newspaper advertisement’s two dollars. In fact, one study found 35% of customers find out about local businesses not online, but through signs.

The Power Of Good Graphics And Good Quality

Think your printing paper type doesn’t really matter? It might be the dealbreaker that nets you the perfect amount of foot traffic. Recent research finds 85% of a business’s customers either live or work within a five-mile radius of your shop. Imagine what they’ll think if your printing paper is low quality. A Boston print shop can walk you through the right paper types to really bring out the color and texture in your graphics.

There Are A Lot Of Details Confined In The Perfect Paper

Are you trying to print a series of letters to send to customers in your area? Do you need to present a beautiful booth to entice people to not just browse, but buy? The type of paper you choose needs to compliment your needs. The brightness level is a good choice for print, catching the eye and emphasizing the text on the page. Thicker paper, such as cardstock and glossy cardstock, is more ideal for any sort of banners or signs you need to promote.

Custom Business Cards Are A Must-Have

Don’t think it’s enough to just find the right brochure printing. Even your business cards need to be made out of sturdy stuff to withstand constantly trading hands. A good business card should have a smooth or gently textured surface, all to create a positive impression that could translate into a sale. Business cards can sometimes be given to acquaintances or co-workers, to boot, which is great word-of-mouth. A little goes a long way in the printing process.

Your Booth Should Create The Best First Impression

When setting up a booth your mind might be on customer service or even what kind of sleeves you use to promote your work. Your first step should be leaning toward the banners, as they’re the first thing customers see when browsing. A good rule-of-thumb for booth design graphics are keeping around 40% empty space. This keeps your work from getting cluttered and drowned out in visual nose. The average company today will allocate 30% of its total marketing budget to events and exhibiting.

There’s no such thing as perfect printing paper. There is, however, perfect printing paper for your business.

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