Steps to Paving Asphalt – Home Improvement Videos

When it comes to the construction of asphalt pavement.

In the beginning, the asphalt needs to be removed and demolished. Asphalt can be recycled, however, to create a solid new pavement layer, the old worn out pavement has to be removed. The paving contractors then level and slope the roadway beneath where the asphalt will be. To ensure the longevity of asphalt and security it is vital for proper drainage of water.

Sub-bases are then put into the sub-base to cushion the asphalt pavement that will later be poured on top. It is backfilled in and smoothed out to fit with the grading. The measurement is done for accuracy to confirm it’s got the right density for supporting the pavement. It is then compacted several times before it’s strong enough.

The binding agent is used for the purpose of ensuring that the asphalt and sub-base adhere together. The asphalt is then put on the base and it is rolled into a across the flat. When the sealer is applied the surface, it’s ready to dry and put into. The video is available for more information.


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