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Hair follicles can be extracted from the skin to be transferred into another region of the body. Doctors with expertise use follicular Grafts to restore hairline and the growth pattern during this easy procedure that takes just one day, and is performed as an outpatient. The YouTube video “Bosley Fue’s Adventure in the Fue Procedure,” illustrates the process.

Prior to the procedure being done, hair needs to be measured in order to provide a guide. A trained Bosley physician will perform this procedure. In order to create a donor area for the patient, their back hair is cut. The patient is also given local anesthetics to make they feel completely unaffected throughout the process of transplantation.

Bosley doctors start the procedure by removing grafts as well as a follicular unit from the donor site. According to the amount of hairs in each transplant, the grafts are able to be classed. Then the transplant process begins.

Once that is done, the new hairline will be filled. The donor’s appearance should improve within 2 to 3 weeks. The skin will be healed after a few weeks. Hair will begin to grow naturally in the subsequent months.


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