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The funding comes from the grant program, which directly benefits health care systems across the United States.
Develop programs for patients recovering from illness.

The Foundation’s primary goal is to aid people suffering from heart attacks and other ailments through providing medical treatments, including the rehabilitation and recovery of cardiac patients as well as orthopedic treatments, among the like. Its aim is to support patients who can’t afford medical care. The staff and volunteers offer this assistance by going into the home of the patients, giving them the required equipment, then monitoring them to ensure they take medicine in accordance with the instructions of their doctor or nurse physician.

Patient Eligibility

HealthWell Foundation HealthWell Foundation may offer financial assistance for those who meet the following criteria: Pre-existing conditions are those you’ve had prior to making an application for insurance coverage. It can be minor ailments such as chicken pox, strep throat or cancer. The HealthWell foundation will help you locate the right physician for your situation. People may be eligible for benefits if they were identified in the last few months (within 6 months) However, they’ll not be covered if their illness has not been treated for over 90 days. It is often referred to as experiencing “unexplained” symptoms.

The foundation provides financial aid to those who have health insurance who require assistance in paying medical bills. If you’re disabled or suffer from an injury, any person can contact HealthWell Foundation for financial assistance. HealthWell Foundation for financial assistance. The eligibility criteria is health insurance coverage (including Medicare Part D). The patient will be ineligible if underinsured or pay high copays (copayments) to their medicines for their medications


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