The Secret to Developing an Effective and Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

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Businesses have always struggled to stay relevant as times change; this is more true than ever before with the introduction of the internet. According to Forbes there are 543,000 new businesses that arise every month; at the same time an equally large number of businesses shut down and ultimately fail. Designing relevant products or offering superb services is only half of the equation for business success, executing effective marketing strategies is a requirement for businesses to maintain a solid and ever-growing customer base. Although the internet is too big for marketers to ignore, 76% of businesses report that their ideal marketing strategy combines elements of digital advertising with print communication.

Digital Advertising

The internet is the single largest resource for information in the history of mankind, so it only makes sense that your business ought to have some kind of digital real estate. A corporate website is a solid place to begin; these webpages ought to be professionally designed with the user in mind. Outdated webpages that load slowly, sites that are incompatible with mobile devices, and websites that are difficult to navigate or cumbersome lose customer interest. In addition to a webpage, many companies expand their digital footprint through social media, blogging, and newsletter to stay in direct communication with customers and offer engaging content that may inspire new purchases. Investing in search engine optimization is perhaps one of the most effective ways to capitalize on local search engine enquiries; SEO is the number one driver of internet traffic to content websites and is one of the strongest ways companies can generate high-quality leads.

Business Printing Services

Although this is the digital age, there is no online equivalent to tangible products designed by a digital printing company. It has been found that 84% of Americans retain a company’s name when they receive promotional mugs, pens, calendars and other gifts customized by a digital printing company. A recent survey of U.S. consumers said that despite email, they still prefer direct mail for brand communications as they are then able to read information at their convenience. Although traffic jams are the bane of any commuter’s routine, outdoor advertising methods designed by a digital printing company is approximately 80% less expensive than television advertising and enjoy a higher rate of viewership than commercials. Perhaps one of the most modern and unique forms of print advertising is a vinyl vehicle wrap. A digital printing company will work directly with your business to design a unique vehicle wrap for any company vehicle — this combines the viewing power of an outdoor sign with wheels, making it one of the best advertising strategies in the past decade. Whether on the net or on the streets, make sure that your business doesn’t get lost in the over-crowded and highly competitive business world.

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