The Three Current Trends in Cloud Solutions That Many Didn’t See Coming

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Cloud computing has been in the news frequently as of the past month or so. Cisco’s announcement that they would be spending an incredible $1 billion in developing their own cloud technology stirred up a lot of industry discussion. Amazon and Google, among other top players, have continued to make price cuts to their services in an effort to woo companies into choosing them.

It’s likely over the next few years that cloud adoption will be increasingly driven by more than just lower IT costs, and spending is expected to increase between five and seven times over the next three years. Forbes recently highlighted three trends in cloud computing solutions that most people didn’t see coming. What are they?

1. Not Everything Will be Moving to Cloud Solutions

Although cloud adoption is increasingly accelerating, it’s worth noting that not all technology is expected to shift to cloud. One example of this is Deutsche Bank. Rather than switch over everything to cloud hosting, they instead extended their existing SAP technology in order to connect better with nearly 5,000 suppliers worldwide.

2. Innovation is Often the Root of Decision to Adopt Cloud

No longer are businesses moving to cloud just because they want to reduce the total cost of ownership. As Tim Minahan, the CMO of SAP Cloud points out,”Companies are looking to invest in the cloud as their innovation platform as a way to achieve new processes and insights to be able to run their business in an entirely new way — not just to do the same old things using a different delivery model.” T-Mobile is a major company that is taking this approach to heart by using cloud applications to better engage with customers. They are actively listening to customers on multiple social media channels with the aim of improving renewals and overall satisfaction.

3. Platform Does Matter

Businesses are looking at the overall cloud process, and are a driving force behind cloud technology that helps to simplify interactions and performance, rather than complicate them. Companies want a common cloud platform that can work to unify data, business process and applications into one user experience.

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