The Top 3 Benefits of Working in the Material Handling Industry

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These days, good, secure, and high paying jobs can be hard to find and even harder to secure. Although both the real estate and job markets have improved by leaps and bounds following the devastation left by the Great Recession, the job market is just as competitive and fierce as ever, if not more. And having a college degree, even an advanced one, isn’t always enough to secure a dream job that will provide financial stability and emotional fulfillment for years to come. These days, employers are in search of top notch talent in terms of job seekers that can do it all. It’s no longer good enough to simply be a jack of one trade; you have to be a master of many.

That’s where trade school comes into play. Who says getting a college degree is the only way to get a job that not only pays well but one that you actually like? Trade schools are similar to colleges in that they provide professional instruction to students interest in learning a trade, such as electrical work, plumbing, HVAC, and material handling, all of which are stable, steady, career fields that offer great benefits, job satisfaction, and financial security. And in today’s digital age where new software developers, technical service engineers, and telecommunications professionals are working around the clock to create the latest gadget or advance in healthcare, the material handling industry is more important than ever.

If you’re interested in establishing a strong career but the thought of working in an office all day doesn’t appeal to you in the slightest, you may want to strongly consider a career in material handling. Here are just a few reasons why.

An exciting and emerging field

When you work in the field of material handling, there’s no such thing as another typical day at the office. One of the best parts of working in the manufacturing industry is that it’s constantly changing and evolving, and employees get an opportunity to learn more about and use the latest technologies. Many employees of the manufacturing industry find this variety engaging and exciting, which in turn leads to greater job satisfaction and productivity. If you’re the kind of person that gets bored easily doing the same thing over and over again, day in and day out, you’ll never experience a dull moment working in the field of material handling.

Job security

The great thing about supply chain jobs, such as those in manufacturing and material handling, is that they provide an excellent sense of job security. After all, goods will always need to be made, stored, and distributed to merchants and customers. The supply chain never ends! And although some manufacturing jobs are now performed by robotics, workers can still enjoy a high rate of job security that is rare in many other industries.

Financial stability

Nothing is worse than the feeling of working at a job that you dislike for low pay, only to come home and see the bills piling up on the table. Talk about discouraging! Material handlers can earn a competitive starting income which will increase throughout their years in the industry and as their skills sharpen. And the great thing about working as a material handler is that you won’t have to spend years paying off student loan debt that same that might if you went the traditional route and went to college. It’s common for college graduates to spend twenty years or more paying off student loan debt for a degree that they may not have even used much.

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