Three Techniques to Take Your Photos to the Next Level

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Buying the most expensive product that digital camera stores offer will not make you a great photographer. A master artisan doesn’t rely his or her tools, nor blame them for poor quality work. A new camera will not take your digital camera shoots to the next level, but here are a few basic techniques that will.

Don’t Forget About the Foreground and Background.

The subject of your digital camera shoot should be your priority, but that doesn’t mean you can discount the foreground or the background. Your foreground can help you create depth within the picture, and nailing it can be as simple as including a coffee table, a sleeping dog, or an ottoman in the front of the shot. As for your background, it shouldn’t be complicated, cluttered, or busy. The simpler and cleaner, the better.

Avoid Using “Auto” Mode.

Most people tend to do their digital camera shooting on “auto” mode, which is the default. Instead, try switching to the Program Auto setting, which is like the Auto mode, but allows you to override certain behaviors, such as the automatic light adjustment. Before you get the digital camera shoot underway, monkey around with the controls for a few minutes until you find settings that work.

Use the Rule of Thirds.

Many photographers like to use what they call the “rule of thirds.” Basically, imagine that your frame has a tic-tac-toe grid overlaying it, dividing the shot into nine squares. While some pictures look great with the subject in the central square, but if you were to move the focal point to one of the intersections created by the lines, you may create a more interesting, dynamic photo. Off-center subjects are more aesthetically pleasing.

Basically, putting a little bit of thought into your photos’ arrangements will make you much more successful when digital camera shooting. Don’t forget about your foreground. Keep the background simple. Play with your settings. Put the subject off center. If you do, the quality of your pictures will definitely increase. If you have any questions about these digital camera shooting tips, feel free to ask in the comments. Read more:

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